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Queens of Modern Times: Lifestyle advice tailor-made for black women

By France24
23 June 2019   |   8:28 am
Queens of Modern Times: Lifestyle advice tailor-made for black women.


6 Feb 2018
Nigeria's Bobsled and Skeleton teams to the Winter Olympics have called for a united Nigeria, regardless of the country's ethnic differences.
28 Oct 2018
Behind the scenes: Keke queens cover shoot for GuardianLife.
4 Feb 2019
Instagram's 'cleanfluencers': Do cleaning queens champion healthy living or gender stereotypes?
23 Jun 2019
Queens of Modern Times: Lifestyle advice tailor-made for black women.
26 Jul 2019
The rate of divorce in society today has left many unable to put a finger on the changing dynamics of the African environment where staying married against the odds was once a treasured value.
19 Sep 2019
Young Nigerians storm National Assembly, protest against Bobrisky’s alleged transgender lifestyle, LGBT.
16 Nov 2019
'Almost British': comedian Paul Taylor takes aim at language, lifestyle and national identity
21 Dec 2019
As 2019 draws to a close, join Violet Johnson as she brings you a compilation of the year’s biggest entertainment news.⁣⁣⁣ Subscribe to the YouTube channel of Guardian Nigeria to watch this and more.⁣⁣
21 Oct 2020
Plato, Aristotle and Socrates are just a few well-known ancient philosophers. But what about their female counterparts? What about the woman who taught Socrates? Or the sage said to be behind Plato's theory on love? Their names are often lacking when it comes to teaching philosophy and that is something Rebecca Buxton and Lisa Whiting wanted to change. They put together a book called "The Philosopher Queens". Written by female philosophers about female philosophers, it highlights the worlds of women who were drawing crowds as far back as 400 BC and brings us right up to today's thinkers.
13 Apr 2021
He may not be headed to Tokyo this summer, but French B-Boy Mounir is gearing up for the 2024 Paris Games, where breakdancing will make its debut. It's a welcome announcement, one that will "put the spotlight on the sport to open it to a wider audience" and "make it easier to get grants". "I think it's a great thing for breakdancing," Mounir explains. But for him, breakdancing is much more than just a sport. "It's become such an integral part of our culture... it's a lifestyle."
3 Sep 2021
Despite temperatures exceeding 48 degrees Celsius, Bedouins from the al-Shammari tribe in the Al Nufud Al Kabir desert, in the northen part of Saudi Arabia, continue to live the traditional desert lifestyle, residing in tents and raising camels, keeping to the same routines to cope with the heat for generations.
7 Aug 2022
DW's new lifestyle show is a weekly voyage of discovery to Africa, presenting trends, tips, traditions and insights — for example, into Ghana's "rebellious drink."