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With African beats, Moroccan villagers remember ancestors

By Reuters
02 November 2018   |   5:00 pm
Members of a Moroccan band, believed to be descendants of slaves from Sudan, pay homage to their ancestors through rhythmical music.


2 Nov 2018
Members of a Moroccan band, believed to be descendants of slaves from Sudan, pay homage to their ancestors through rhythmical music.
26 Mar 2019
US Naval Forces Europe Band performing Brass music in Lagos.
10 May 2019
Marc Collin from Nouvelle Vague on the band's anniversary tour and new compilations.
14 May 2019
Las Maravillas de Mali were once considered pioneers for their unique blends of Cuban and African music. Now, half a century later, they're on tour once again.
19 Nov 2019
Blink 182: California band return with new record 'Nine'
8 Dec 2019
French band Phoenix helped define the sound of an era. Over the last twenty years, they’ve evolved from an edgy act from Versailles to one of the most influential and popular French bands, touching audiences around the world. Guitarist Laurent Brancowitz and bassist Deck d'Arcy sat down with FRANCE 24's Florence Villeminot to talk about their latest project: a book chronicling their journey as a band.
17 May 2020
Brazilian army and navy personnel disinfect a shelter in Rio de Janeiro while a military band performs to liven the mood for residents.
23 Oct 2020
The bagad of Lann Bihoue, a traditional Breton music group from the French Navy, performs an unprecedented concert in front of the Giza Pyramids necropolis on the southwestern outskirts of the Egyptian capital Cairo during its only outing abroad in 2020 due to the coronavirus. The band composed of about 30 musicians arrived in Egypt for the commemoration of the battle of El-Alamein (October-November 1942), near Alexandria (north).
27 Oct 2020
Some 24 years ago, American alternative rock band The Eels released the song "Novocaine For The Soul", leading them into music charts across the world and making them hot favourites among indie lovers. Over the years they've continued to craft beautiful, sensitive pop songs and rock out on tour. Although live shows may be on hold for now because of Covid-19, the band are this week releasing "Earth To Dora": a thirteenth studio album which features their trademark melancholy pop tones as well as cheerleading bangers. We caught up with frontman Mark Oliver Everett, aka E, to find out more.
14 Feb 2021
Fans who couldn't enter Douala Stadium in Cameroon gather outside to watch the African Nations C hampionship (CHAN) final as Morocco defeat Mali 2-0.
10 Feb 2021
Bosnia's most popular rock band, Dubioza Kolektiv, has a new recruit who sings and plays musical instruments - a humanoid robot called Robby Megabyte.
7 Mar 2021
Moroccan activists try to penetrate the culture of silence surrounding sexual and domestic abuse in the country. Also, more Togolese farmers look for ways to increase their yields in a sustainable way. And volunteers in Zanzibar save as many injured turtles as they can and nurse them back to health. Then, once a year, they return the animals to the ocean.