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Adele’s album ‘21’ is Britain’s biggest this century

By Reuters
14 October 2019   |   4:19 pm
Adele's 21 is officially Britain's top-selling album of the 21st century.


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Adele visits London’s Grenfell Tower following the fire.
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Fighting insurgency - challenges of warfare in the 21st century.
11 Sep 2017
Seattle-based SilverLogic Labs have developed what they call a 'passive polygraph', basically a hi-tech version of the lie detector test.
26 Jul 2018
On July 27, a total lunar eclipse will rise over the night sky. At 1 hour and 43 minutes, it will be the longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century. Much of Africa, the Middle East and central Asia will be able to see the eclipse.
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In the 21st century, fashion will be dystopian and sexy.
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'In the 21st century, we will eradicate human limitation and disability'
14 Oct 2019
Adele's 21 is officially Britain's top-selling album of the 21st century.
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9 Apr 2020
Adele has sold her marital home in Sussex, South England, for a £1 million loss.
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Witch hunts are far from being a thing of the past — even in the 21st century. In many countries, this is still a sad reality for many women today. That is why August 10 has been declared a World Day against Witch Hunts.
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Adele treats Saturday Night Live crew to Caribbean meal.
27 Nov 2020
Denzel Washington has been named the Greatest Actor of the 21st Century (So Far), beating Isabelle Huppert and Daniel Day-Lewis into second and third place respectively.