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Underwater nativity scene celebrates Epiphany

By Reuters
09 January 2021   |   10:47 am
Underwater nativity scene celebrates Epiphany


16 Jun 2017
Japanese tech giant Toshiba has unveiled an underwater robot which will be sent to the Fukushima nuclear plant next July. The 13cm x 30cm robot is controlled remotely and will be sent into the nuclear reactor 3 to collect information on radioactive fuel residue.
2 Aug 2017
Tropical Storm Emily hits Miami putting a street flooding advisory into effect.
7 Dec 2017
Singapore-based researchers have built an underwater robot that looks and swims like a manta ray, using only single motors and flexible fins to propel it through water in a way uncannily like its biological cousin.
7 Jan 2018
The head of the Catholic church lead followers in the feast of Epiphany which marks the end of the Christmas season.
24 Mar 2019
"Under" in Lindesnes is Europe's first and the world's largest underwater restaurant. Five meters under the sea at Norway's southern tip, diners can watch the marine life pass by as they eat.
9 Jan 2021
Underwater nativity scene celebrates Epiphany
18 Apr 2021
Spanish dancer Ariadna Hafez performs the tango underwater while freediving at a depth of 10 metres.
10 Jun 2021
Some 99 percent of global telecommunications now transit below our oceans, via thousands of kilometres of underwater cables. Billions of pieces of information are exchanged, some of which are arousing the interest of world powers. Intelligence services around the world are increasingly using these cables to spy on other countries. Our France 2 colleagues report, with FRANCE 24's Emerald Maxwell and Jennie Shin.