Wednesday, 26th January 2022

UK PM Boris Johnson secretly marries fiancee Carrie Symonds

Johnson has become the first British prime minister to get married while in office in almost 200 years. The couple wed at the Westminster Cathedral with just a handful of friends and family present.


23 Sep 2017
UK Prime Minister Theresa May has proposed a two-year transitional deal with the EU as the UK finalizes Brexit. May made the announcement at a key speech in Italy.
5 Oct 2017
A coughing fit, a prankster and a stage that fell apart overshadowed UK Prime Minister May's keynote speech at the Conservative Party conference on Wednesday.
11 Oct 2017
During a radio interview. UK Prime Minister Theresa May refuses to say whether she would vote to leave the EU if there was a second referendum.
6 Nov 2017
In a speech to the Confederation of British Industry, British PM Theresa May says she is committed to securing a transitional deal with Brussels after Brexit.
25 Dec 2017
UK Prime Minister Theresa May told British forces in Cyprus that the caliphate declared by Islamic State has been crushed.
17 Apr 2018
Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday (April 17) she deeply regretted Britain's role in criminalising same-sex relations in its former colonies, saying such laws, often passed under British rule and still in effect, were "wrong then and wrong now".
2 Apr 2019
Khashoggi's fiancée Hatice Cengiz: 'I want to know who gave the order to kill Jamal'.
7 Jun 2019
Without Brexit, Theresa May might never have occupied 10 Downing Street. It let her in, chewed her up with help from all sides, and spat her out. But Brexit isn't done, neither as a policy nor a political career killer.
25 Jun 2019
The Turkish fiancée of the murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi insists on the urgent need for an international investigation into his murder amid evidence of high-level Saudi involvement.
26 Sep 2019
The prime minister challenged the opposition to vote no-confidence in the government. Members of parliament were meeting for the first time in two weeks following an "unlawful" suspension of parliament ruling.
27 Apr 2020
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, making his first public appearance in nearly a month after contracting COVID-19 and being treated in intensive care, says that, without wishing to 'minimise the continuing problems we face', the United Kingdom is 'beginning to turn the tide' in the fight against coronavirus.
3 Jun 2020
In May, the elder son of slain Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi declared that his family had "forgiven" those responsible for the killing of their father in October 2018. The announcement would give legal reprieve to the five Saudi government agents who have been sentenced to death for the brutal murder at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. But Khashoggi's fiancée Hatice Cengiz has since renounced that statement.