Monday, 8th August 2022

Traditional Macedonian wedding starts with a shave

By Reuters
23 July 2022   |   2:01 pm
A traditional Macedonian wedding starts with a shave. It’s one of many symbolic customs at a ‘Petrovden’ wedding, which happen every July in the village of Galicnik.


19 Nov 2019
Men's fashion: Are traditional catwalk shows still relevant?
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The body-folding, sharp-elbowed techniques of Thai massage were added Thursday to UNESCO's list of "Intangible Cultural Heritage". From upscale Bangkok spas and Phuket beach fronts to modest street-side shophouses, "nuad Thai" -- or Thai massage -- is ubiquitous across the kingdom, where an hour of the back-straightening discipline can cost as little as $5.
28 Jan 2020
High intake of local brewed beer 'Burukutu' in North Central Nigeria is increasingly on the rise and this is a source of worry to the big producers of the conventional beers in Nigeria. In Benue, the looming economic crisis due to delayed payment of worker salaries and high rate of unemployment has forced many to abandon conventional beer for the local brewed, burukutu. They believe it is economically cheap compared to the conventional but expensive beer. In local Burukutu joint in Makurdi, Benue state capital, a litre of Burukutu is being sold for as low as one hundred naira compared to the conventional beer of that volume which cost almost triple the price.
12 Feb 2020
As China races to find a cure for the coronavirus, some doctors and individuals are turning to traditional approaches to treat the symptoms. But some experts warn against relying solely on Traditional Chinese Medicine.
29 Apr 2020
We take you to France's Basque Country, where traditional know-how is a family affair. We meet Thérèse and Michel Riouspeyrous, wine producers in Irouléguy. Their two sons will one day take over the running of the vineyard. It's a similar story at the Goicoechea artisanal pottery, not far from there, which will pass from father to son in order to perpetuate an old manufacturing technique using a length of rope. We end our journey at the Arrantzaleak restaurant in Ciboure, where father, mother and son are united by the same love of food.
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The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned against the use of traditional herbs in the treatment of COVID-19 as African governments struggle to contain the coronavirus pandemic.
12 May 2020
Here is why you should pick up a copy of The Guardian on Wednesday.⁣ Find these stories and much more when you grab a copy of The Guardian on the newsstands on Wednesday.⁣
28 May 2020
Fireplaces are at the heart of a household and allow us to wind back the clock. In south-western France, the d'Artagnan chimney takes us back to the 17th century. It's located at the castle of Castelmore, where the famous musketeer was born, in the Gers department. Meanwhile, at the foot of Castelnau-de-Montmiral, the fireplaces at the castle of Mayragues are lavishly decorated. Finally, in Montgaillard, a typical village of the Bigorre region, Jean-Louis's family fireplace brings back memories. With its wooden benches on either side, he loved to settle down there to read as a child.
4 Aug 2020
The number of deaths linked to COVID-19 have risen sharply in Brazil. With many of the rituals surrounding death and grief prohibited due to the pandemic, people are finding new ways to mourn lost loved ones.
15 Nov 2020
As puberty starts, Maasai girls are gifted with special beads. It means they are ready for marriage and female genital mutilation can target them. A rescue shelter in Kintegela has saved many Maasai girls.
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Botched South-South meeting: Traditional Rulers, Governors demand apology from Presidency
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