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These glasses translate speech into sign language

By Reuters
06 June 2021   |   11:54 am
These glasses translate speech into sign language.


22 Feb 2017
The government in Zimbabwe has introduced a new school curriculum to teach children in their first language instead of in English. But some parents and teachers fear the policy will limit children's chances of getting jobs.
10 Aug 2017
State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said President Trump was sending a strong message in the 'kind of language' North Korea understands when he said he North Korea would be 'met with fire and fury like the world has never seen."
20 Nov 2017
After 7 years in business, the Oxfield language school in London is in a slump. Britain's vote to leave the EU has seen many foreign EU citizens leave the country. Demand for Oxfield's English lessons has plummeted.
29 Mar 2018
In Mexico, more than 8,500 indigenous people who don't speak Spanish are in prison for crimes they claim they didn't commit.
15 Dec 2018
'We are never too old to learn a new language'.
16 Jan 2019
Singer-songwriter Adam Naas on love, language and comparisons to Prince.
25 Jan 2019
Hanover has put itself at the forefront of the gender equality movement by introducing language changes. Grammarians have previously decried such moves as politically-motivated adulterations of the German language.
30 Mar 2019
Language Appraisal: Mother Tongue or Modern Tongue?
23 Jun 2019
In January 2019, an ordinance that officially bans offensive language was passed in Luzzara. Mayor Andrea Costa wants to put a stop to insults and aggression and has lined up "educational sanctions" for offenders.
23 Nov 2019
Religious leaders from other countries could soon be forced to prove they can speak German in order to stay in the country. Critics say such a law would worsen the country's shortage of Muslim clerics.
16 Nov 2019
'Almost British': comedian Paul Taylor takes aim at language, lifestyle and national identity
21 Feb 2020
It's International Mother Language Day, and we put some Nigerians how well they know about their mother's tongue. International Mother Language Day is a worldwide annual observance held on 21 February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote multilingualism.