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These 5 things are almost as deadly as smoking

By Reuters
31 July 2019   |   6:00 am
Despite the efforts of people ditching smoking and getting healthier, other bad habits are taking its place.


3 May 2017
Tokyo risks being one of the unhealthiest Olympic Games hosts in years as anti-smoking laws face opposition.
20 Jul 2017
A South Korean court on Thursday handed K-pop sensation T.O.P. a suspended 10-month jail sentence for drug use.
8 Nov 2017
The Indian press is reporting on a pollution episode that prompted authorities to call a public health emergency in New Delhi and shut down schools.
19 Apr 2018
Is Smoking Shisha a harmless hobby or dangerous drug? We asked some shisha lovers in Lagos!
31 Jul 2019
Despite the efforts of people ditching smoking and getting healthier, other bad habits are taking its place.
27 Aug 2019
Cigarettes may have been scrapped from billboards, bus stops and most places in between, but they haven’t vanished from our screens — Netflix shows in particular. But does public health have a place in the arts?
2 Jun 2020
Rap star Stormzy has revealed he's stopped smoking marijuana in a bid to improve his mental health.
11 Feb 2021
Tunisia's sole artisan pipe-maker Anis Bouchnak uses a century-old machine to carve smoking pipes from native briar wood, a craft passed down by his grandfather and father. The family workshop was established half a century ago in Tabarka, a northwestern tourist town nestled in hills that plunge toward the Mediterranean.
14 Feb
The city's mayor is hoping to curb crime by banning smoking marijuana outdoors. Residents have complained that the tourist-fueled nightlife has made the city unlivable.
4 Jun
On World No Tobacco Day, we examine e-cigarettes, which are capturing a growing share of the market. Professionals in the sector insist that e-cigarettes facilitate the process of quitting smoking, even going so far as to claim that it's beneficial for public health overall. However, it's important to note that vaping can become an addiction in its own right.
1 Jun
Just eight weeks after I smoked my last cigarette, great things happened to my body and mind.
1 Aug
The World Health Organization said advertisements against the harmful effects of smoking and higher cigarette prices have paid off in deterring people from the habit. But Germany has to do more.