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Special: How 4-Year-old recites, translates over 200 Yoruba proverbs

By TVC News Nigeria
02 February 2021   |   7:00 am
Special: How 4-Year-old recites, translates over 200 Yoruba proverbs


2 Oct 2020
Tonight's show focuses on Kenya and its efforts to boost the visibility, support and opportunities available to women. Recently the country's top judge advised President Uhuru Kenyatta that parliament should be dissolved because of a shortfall in female lawmakers. The situation has triggered a constitutional crisis but, in an exclusive interview with France 24, President Uhuru Kenyatta said that improving political representation will not be served by dissolving parliament.
15 Oct 2020
The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu announced the mandate for the newly formed Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT), including response to robbery attacks, rescue operations, and special operations involving high-profile criminals.
31 Oct 2020
Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has opened a parliamentary session to deal with on-going mass protests in the country. Germany has warned the Thai king over his activities.
31 Oct 2020
The Pentagon confirmed that an American hostage who was abducted in neighboring Niger has been freed. Africa's Sahel region is struggling with a jihadist insurgency that has claimed thousands of lives.
10 Nov 2020
As the US turns out for one of its most important elections in half a century, we take a look at the stakes for Africa. The outcome of the US presidential vote will have global consequences: from the impact on the international response to climate change, to AIDS, to US involvement in regional disputes and relations. Africa has skin in the game. The last four years have seen Donald Trump show disinterest, if not disdain for the continent. We discuss all these issues with our guest Douglas Yates.
7 Nov 2020
The "Taxi Universitario" was created by the taxi drivers' association of Angola. Drivers take students to campus and bring them back home for a fixed montly fee. If there is demand, the association plans to implement it in other cities.
22 Nov 2020
Will Smith has shared the first official trailer for his forthcoming 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' reunion special.
20 Dec 2020
In an interview with FRANCE 24, the UN's Special Coordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis lamented the absence of a functioning government in the country despite promises by the main political parties to form one quickly in the aftermath of the deadly August 4 Beirut blast. Kubis said he hoped a government would be formed "within days, definitely not weeks".
31 Jan 2021
CP Odumosu deploys special constables to formations in Lagos
2 Feb 2021
Special: How 4-Year-old recites, translates over 200 Yoruba proverbs
27 Feb 2021
In an interview with FRANCE 24, Christine Schraner Burgener, the UN special envoy on Myanmar, held out hope that the military would not brutally crack down on the ongoing mass protest movement against the February 1 coup. She also called for "targeted sanctions" on leaders of the regime and said she had asked them to allow her to visit the country, a request they have rejected "for the moment".
21 Mar 2021
In this special edition of the Debate: It was a measure Emmanuel Macron had hoped to avoid, but on Thursday the government finally felt forced to lock down Paris and the greater Île-de-France region, as well as a string of other regions as the Covid-19 pandemic is swamping overall hospital capacity. Our guests discuss the efficiency of the government's latest announcement.