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I’m now a feminist, Uti responds to allegations of shaming women

By OakTV
18 December 2019   |   6:50 am
I'm now a feminist, Uti responds to allegations of shaming women


6 Feb 2018
US lawmakers vote to release the Democrat's memo, a rebuttal of the Nunes memo alleging to FBI and DoJ wiretaps on a former Donald Trump campaign aide.
22 May 2018
A biography of Britain's latest royal, Meghan Markle, appeared on the monarchy's official website within hours of her marrying Prince Harry, with a single quote: "I am proud to be a woman and a feminist."
10 Mar 2019
Indian feminist poet Meena Kandasamy on resisting patriarchy and the caste system.
22 Jun 2019
Gang of Witches, the feminist sisterhood shaking up the system.
16 Nov 2019
Lebanese take to the streets during a feminist march in Beirut, to show their support of the anti-government protests and to defend the women that were assaulted during clashes between protestors and counter-demonstrators.
22 Dec 2019
Around one hundred people perfom the choreography of a Chilean feminist collective, entitled "The rapist is you!", which has become a global anthem against violence against women.
18 Dec 2019
I'm now a feminist, Uti responds to allegations of shaming women
17 Feb 2020
Premium Bitters, Adonko Bitters have been serving Ghanians for a long time. Their introduction into the ghanian market changed the way people took herbs going by the ingredients used in making them.
8 Mar 2020
Fashion designer Anita Dongre is a feminist powerhouse in a male-dominated industry she has stores in India and New York, multiple clothing brands and a global celebrity following. But her true ambition is to create an environmentally sustainable company, she says.
27 Mar 2021
An Istanbul musician is reinventing genres while quashing gender norms with her avant-garde music. Her songs, with their unique blend of old and new sounds, also hit the country's political beats — especially on the injustices faced by women.
4 Dec 2021
On 19th December, Chile heads to the polls to choose a new president. The run-up to the elections have been deeply polarising, and the country's feminists fear that the unexpected frontrunner - far-right lawyer José Antonio Kast - could set women rights back by decades.
26 Dec 2021
Annalena Baerbock is Germany's first female foreign minister. According to the new government's coalition agreement, she wants to pursue a "feminist foreign policy." But opinions differ as to what that actually means.