Tuesday, 27th September 2022
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Doing Your Bit: Tree art against deforestation

Nigerian artist Olalekan Olasekan doesn't want to see trees being cut down and wood being wasted. His art draws attention to the animals and insects losing their habitats through deforestation.


10 Nov 2019
Cameroon’s rubber business: A weapon of mass deforestation
3 Dec 2019
An organization in Nigeria is combining environmental action with female empowerment. It trains women to recycle waste plastic by weaving it into fashion accessories - which they can sell for a profit.
15 Dec 2019
Plastic waste is a problem, all around the world. But as it turns out, you can actually use it for a good purpose: To make road surfaces cheaper, stronger and longer-lasting.
14 Dec 2019
"A haunting portrait of crisis in the Amazon rainforest" is just one of the descriptions of a striking series of images taken by Italian photojournalist Tommaso Protti. They were taken during his sixth-month journey across the Brazilian Amazon. Protti, winner of the 2019 Carmignac Photojournalism award, tells us more about his photos, which depict the deforestation of the Amazon. 
21 Dec 2019
Brazil's state space agency reports a 100% increase in the destruction of the world's largest tropical rainforest in November, compared to last year. President Bolsonaro denies his environmental policies are to blame.
19 Dec 2019
Bad news for chocolate lovers? Cocoa in Ivory Coast threatened by deforestation
29 Dec 2019
The fires in the Amazon have raised global concern, but above all they have drawn attention to deforestation in the world's largest tropical forest, where indigenous reserves, large landowners, illegal farmers and mining coexist under permanent tension. AFPTV looks back on the fires that have ravaged Amazon and Latin America.
1 Mar 2020
Concrete is one of the most destructive materials in the world. Now researchers in Germany and Nigeria are working together to make a version out of cassava peels. It's cheap, strong and eco-friendly.
30 Apr 2020
The world's forests act as shields, keeping humans safe from coronaviruses and other diseases. Their destruction can unleash devastating consequences for global public health.
11 May 2020
Brazil has become the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in South America, but while the country is distracted, the Amazon rainforest has lost over 1,200 square km so far in 2020. This is up 55% from last year.
11 Jun 2020
Amazon deforestation rose by 34.4% year-on-year in Brazil, the country's space agency INPE has said, revising its numbers based on satellite observation. The latest data does not include last year's forest fires.
15 Jul 2020
In Germany, a young designer is transforming plastic trash into durable tiles that look like real marble. By using heat and pressure she mimics the natural processes that create rocks in the first place.