Tuesday, 28th March 2023
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Coronavirus lockdown adding to misery of Moscow’s homeless

The "Rescue Hangar", a project of the Orthodox Church's social department, runs mostly on donations, normally serves around 100 people per day, also offering showers, haircuts and helping broke out-of-towners with tickets home. But during the lockdown, the number of people seeking a hot meal has gone up 500 on some days. And with only one government shelter in the city of 12 million, it has been up to charity groups to fill the demand from the growing homeless population during the lockdown.


12 Jan 2019
It's official: An independent Orthodox Church of Ukraine has been born with the blessing of Patriarch Bartholomew I. Ukraine's President Petro Poroschenko heralded the split from Russia, but Moscow was less than pleased.
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This week, France 24 commemorates the 30 years of the dissolution of the USSR. We continue our journey through former Soviet republics in Georgia, where the Georgian Orthodox Church enjoys considerable power and influence. After 70 years of communist oppression, it turned into a driving force to achieve independence and rebuild the country. Today, its position is threatened by the country’s pro-European liberal youth.
26 Apr 2022
The Russian Orthodox Church supports the invasion of Ukraine. But in Germany, a Russian Orthodox monastery is providing shelter and safety to Ukrainian refugees. Politics, they say, are left at the door.