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‘Beauty and the Beast’ postponed in Malaysia

By Reuters
14 March 2017   |   2:58 pm
Malaysians express disappointment after the release of the film "Beauty and the Beast", which was cleared by censors after a "gay moment" was cut, is postponed by major cinema chains due to "unforeseen circumstances".


8 Jun 2017
A small community of blind students in Malaysia is attempting to learn the entire Quran, a task that requires them to read each sheet of the holy text up to 40 times and memorise close to two pages a day.
24 Aug 2017
Donald Trump plans to meet one of Asia's most controversial leaders next month.
8 Jan 2018
Malaysia’s opposition named Mahathir Mohamad, 92, as candidate for prime minister in an election that must be held by August.
5 Apr 2018
A culinary controversy on UK's MasterChef has even got the Malaysian PM involved!
6 Apr 2018
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak called an election that will determine whether his ruling coalition can continue its six-decade run in power in the face of rising living costs and lingering corruption allegations.
16 May 2018
Jailed Malaysia politician Anwar Ibrahim may be released later on Wednesday after the alliance he jointly leads pulled off a surprise election win last week. However, it is increasingly unlikely that he will take over as premier anytime soon.
9 Sep 2018
Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has criticized the caning of 2 Muslim women for attempting to have sex, saying it tarnishes Islam's reputation.
4 Apr 2019
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak faces the first of what is expected to be many trials over charges linked to 1MDB.
27 Jun 2019
The smugglers were arrested at Kuala Lumpur's main airport after arriving from China with 5,255 red-eared terrapins. Malaysia has become a hub for wildlife trafficking in the past few years.
11 Oct 2020
A Malaysian worker pours roasted coffee beans into a pot of bubbling, melted sugar as an ageing machine stirs the ingredients into a sticky black mixture over a crackling wood fire. The Antong mill, believed to be the oldest such set-up in Malaysia, has been using the same methods to produce its popular coffee for almost nine decades.
2 Apr 2021
Working out with ageing equipment in his modest gym, 72-year-old Malaysian bodybuilder A. Arokiasamy bench presses two weights and then flexes his muscular arms. Despite his advancing years, the champion still pumps iron every day, and believes staying healthy with a vigorous routine is the best defence against the coronavirus.
16 Jul 2021
Tea estates in Malaysia's Cameron Highlands are facing a bleak future as coronavirus lockdowns cause labour shortages, decimate the vital tourism industry, and sap demand.