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82-year-old bodybuilder beats up home intruder

By France24
27 November 2019   |   6:00 am
82-year-old bodybuilder beats up a home intruder


12 Mar 2017
U.S. President Donald Trump says the intruder arrested after scaling a fence around the White House and entering the grounds was "a troubled person."
19 Mar 2017
Twenty-six-year-old Jonathan Tran, who scaled the White House fence last week was on the property's grounds for 16 minutes before he was detained, the U.S. Secret Service said in a statement.
24 Oct 2017
A man has been arrested after stabbing a radio anchor in the neck in Russia's capital.
27 Nov 2019
82-year-old bodybuilder beats up a home intruder
10 Jan 2021
Losing a leg did not stop Gui Yuna from achieving her dreams. The 35-year-old former Paralympian has now chosen to take on competitive bodybuilding, and has gone viral on Chinese social media for her positive attitude and inspiring story.
2 Apr 2021
Working out with ageing equipment in his modest gym, 72-year-old Malaysian bodybuilder A. Arokiasamy bench presses two weights and then flexes his muscular arms. Despite his advancing years, the champion still pumps iron every day, and believes staying healthy with a vigorous routine is the best defence against the coronavirus.