Friday, 24th March 2023

5 steps to quickly recover from the gym

By Reuters
11 March 2023   |   11:43 am
Your first few gym sessions can be tough and the next day muscle pain is enough to scare anyone away from exercising. Here are five steps you can take to ensure you are recovered and ready for your next gym session.


12 Nov 2017
Nearly two dozen children and several adults were injured after a stairwell platform collapsed at an indoor gym in San Diego.
21 Jan 2018
A Japanese research team has built a humanoid robot that resembles the intricate muscular and skeletal structure of a human body, making it capable of mimicking human activities like push-ups and sit-ups.
29 Nov 2020
The bell rings in a gloomy basement in the Gaza Strip and two teenage girls wearing headgear and gloves start circling each other in the ring. Family and friends cheer them on as they begin landing punches in the first female-only boxing tournament in the Palestinian enclave.
9 Apr 2021
A medic who lost his arm in the 2008 Gaza War has gone on to open his own gym and become an iron-willed bodybuilding instructor in Jabalia, north of Gaza City. Nidal al-Daour was seen breaking up a hefty sweat inside his gym on Wednesday, proving that one does not need every limb to do the heavy lifting.
17 Jul 2021
Gym-goers work out in Seoul, where Covid restrictions have been brought in that include banning upbeat songs during group exercises and applying a speed limit on treadmills in a bid to slow the spread of Covid-19.