Saturday, 25th March 2023

An Indian female standup comedian in a man’s world

Neeti Palta, well known on India’s male-dominated comedy circuit, uses jokes to touch on some hot-button issues considered taboo in public discussions


21 Dec 2015
21 Dec 2015
21 Dec 2015
21 Dec 2015
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Amazon Studios ramps up comedy offerings in hopes of repeating past success.
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They are a thorn in the side of abusive Afghan warlords, corrupt policemen and double-dealing politicians, skewering them on television with laughter.
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"Last Flag Flying", a comedy-drama about Vietnam war veterans, will resonate with Trump's America, despite, or perhaps because of, its period setting, says actor Bryan Cranston.
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Papers in France focus on a growing sexual harassment scandal in Canada.
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Singer, Actor, Comic star, Falz talks about this evolution in the entertainment industry.
3 Jan 2019
American comedian Hasan Minhaj mocks and criticizes Saudi Arabia in an episode of his comedy show Patriot Act. Netflix has been rebuked for taking it down to comply with a request by the Saudi government.
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Lupita Nyong’o hit the red carpet at Sundance to support her new film Little Monsters.