Sunday, 27th November 2022

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28 Mar 2017
Celebrities John Legend and Teri Hatcher join the celebrations of Disneyland Paris' 25th anniversary.
26 Mar 2017
Disneyland Paris holds a grand parade to celebrate the park's 25th anniversary.
26 Mar 2017
British musician Elton John celebrates 70th birthday.
25 Mar 2017
Around 165,000 people attend the first day of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, one of the top electronic music festivals worldwide.
25 Mar 2017
Elizabeth Banks talks about the 'surreal' experience of playing 'Power Rangers' villain Rita Repulsa.
24 Mar 2017
After more than a decade of digital disruption, the Nigerian film industry, which was once famous for straight to DVD releases, and slapdash story lines is changing.
23 Mar 2017
The cast and crew of the rebooted 'Power Rangers' franchise explain how the film is different from what's come before and what it feels like to put on the colourful ranger costumes.
22 Mar 2017
A judge will take up to three months to make a ruling on a defence attorney's request to find that Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski has already served more than enough time behind bars.
21 Mar 2017
Swedish singer Zara Larsson sets a record with the debut of her new album, "So Good."
19 Mar 2017
Rock 'n' Roll fans nationwide pay tribute to the "amazing legend" Chuck Berry who died at the age of 90 at his Missouri home.
19 Mar 2017
The pioneer of rock'n'roll Chuck Berry was found unconscious Saturday at his home outside St. Louis and was later pronounced dead.
18 Mar 2017
Singer Ronan Keating says he wants to be an actor at the premiere of 'Another Mother's Son'.


1 day ago
African leaders said they would try to alleviate cyclic food insecurity on the continent back in 2003. It's time they got on with it, and they can use Western money to do so, writes DW’s George Okach.
1 day ago
Rising gas and oil prices have plunged Europe into its worst energy crisis in decades. France has been hit hard, but perhaps not for the reasons you would expect. Nuclear and hydroelectric power, the country's main sources of electricity, are both running out of steam. Has the French energy mix hit a breaking point? We take a closer look in this edition of Down to Earth.
1 day ago
Rights groups and a prominent cleric have warned of a military crackdown in the Kurdish city, following intense protests there. Meanwhile, Iran arrested two actresses, and its football captain spoke up at the World Cup.
1 day ago
Malaysia has been beset by political instability over the past couple of years, while the economy is struggling to recover from the COVID pandemic-induced slowdown.
1 day ago
Russia continued strikes on Ukrainian gas and electricity infrastructure. Meanwhile, the president of France told Asian business leaders that the conflict is "your problem" too.
1 day ago
The Nord Stream 2 pipeline was damaged in a series of explosions in September, a prosecutor in Sweden said, adding explosives remains were found on the damaged pipeline.