Monday, 29th November 2021

Entertainment News

17 Jul 2017
Disney's princesses break with tradition in 'Wreck-It Ralph 2'.
16 Jul 2017
The film adaptation of Madeleine L'Engle's classic sci-fi fantasy novel "A Wrinkle in Time" had its trailer debuted at the D23 Disney convention in Anaheim.
14 Jul 2017
The International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards 2017, also known as Bollywood Oscars, took off in New York City's Times Square.
14 Jul 2017
Rapper DMX was arrested Thursday and accused of concealing millions of dollars of income to avoid paying $1.7 million in taxes.
14 Jul 2017
The remaining actors appearing in the seventh and penultimate series of 'Game of Thrones' tease the new season at the Los Angeles premiere.
14 Jul 2017
"The Crown," "Westworld" and five other television show to vie for the best drama series at the 69th Emmy Awards.
13 Jul 2017
Videos released by Savannah, Georgia, police on Tuesday of Shia LaBeouf's arrest last week shows the actor hurling expletive-filled barbs at officers.
11 Jul 2017
Jay-Z's new album goes platinum but absent from Billboard chart.
7 Jul 2017
'Spider-Man: Homecoming's Tom Holland, his co-stars and director discuss the franchise reboot.
6 Jul 2017
Pop singer Katy Perry released the music video for her latest single "Swish Swish".
4 Jul 2017
E! News host Maria Menounos is leaving her job after she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour and underwent surgery last month that removed almost all of the golf-ball sized tumour.
30 Jun 2017
Naomi Watts takes the lead in the new television thriller, 'Gypsy'.


1 day ago
Our reporters take us to Khartoum's breadbasket, to hear how Sudanese farmers feel about the coup and the protest movement rocking the country. Entrepreneurs in the Central African Republic seek out ways to ramp up Cassava production. The root vegetable is a staple in the country but supplies are dwindling since the pandemic.
1 day ago
South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said the incursion off its east coast lasted roughly 10 minutes. Beijing later said the warplanes entering South Korea's air defense identification zone was part of an exercise.
1 day ago
Germany follows many other countries in marking a sad threshold. According to figures from the country's Robert Koch Institute, 100,000 people have now died of COVID-19. Behind every number is a name, and a person.
1 day ago
After 16 years, the post-Merkel era is finally upon us. Social Democratic leader Olaf Scholz is taking the mantle to form Germany's first three-party coalition since the 1950s. How will it work? How compatible are the Greens to his left and the liberal FDP to his right? Berlin's loosening or tightening of the purse strings in these uncertain times is sure to dictate the tone at home and in Brussels.
1 day ago
African voices are at the heart of conversations at the COP26 climate summit. Despite contributing the least to greenhouse gas emissions, the continent is on the frontline of changes that threaten the environment and livelihoods. In Mauritius, there are fears all the country's beaches could be gone in just 50 years. Meanwhile, the Rwandan capital Kigali is being transformed into a green city with a pedestrian-only centre and self-service bikes.
1 day ago
The NGO says authorities desperately need to do more to address the crisis of gender-based violence, particularly amid the pandemic. But hard data on the number of victims is still worryingly difficult to come by.