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Shootings are symptomatic of broader race issues – Barack Obama

By Bloomberg
08 Jul 2016   |   4:59 am   |   2m 10s
President Barack Obama speaks at a news conference about the fatal shootings of two black men by police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana.

  • It is a little bit reassuring that the first black President of the USA has mustered the courage to spell out the non-existent race relation between the Ku Klux Klan dominated American police institutions and the black community in this god damned evil empire. The heart-wrenching and gruesome execution in cold blood of two defenceless black men by trigger- happy KKK police officers in a space of three day has dumbfounded even the sterner of hearts. This was not the first time the world had witnessed this extra-judicial executions of black men by White American police men. The barbaric and most callous, cold blooded murder of unarmed teenager in the street of Chicago recently is still very fresh in our minds, especial the thought of a video showing the youth running away from police murderers , with two hand raised. And for the murderer Jason Van Dyke, my prayer ever since then is that he dies a very long painful, agonizing and ignominious death. And may we never see the likes of him again in this planet.
    Now, and today when a brave and highly commendable black youth decided to take out just only 5 police men, the right wing sympathisers are hailing them as heroes. They are heroes because they have the monopoly to murder black men and of course get away from prosecution. Nobody is talking about the cold-blooded murder of two back for very trivial of circumstances. It is so because the lives of the 5 officers killed are more precious than the black man executed in front of his girlfriend.
    America built their evil empire on the sweat of African slaves. The inhumanity to the descendants of those slaves continued unabated across the length and breadth of America. Those black men who are not behind bars are hunted down and killed in a most despicable of manners. America, the real Axis of Evil should look at them in the mirror today and if they have a modicum of conscience ask a deeply searching question. Does black life matter in the USA? The American police should give us an answer.

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