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Obasanjo, Namdas in war of words over budget padding

By Channels TV
27 Nov 2016   |   3:30 am   |   3m 20s

  • Wale

    This Obasanjo man does not respect himself. Responsible elderly people don’t get involved in regular gutter fights but he seems to have no sense of shame. He should look at other respectable old men and former Heads of State who have chosen more responsible and decent ways to offer advice. This man ruled the country for over 11 years he failed to reverse our consumption oriented economy to a productive. To show how poor a leader he is he has a penchant for choosing wrong successors who immediately dismantle whatever he has done. It is this same empty brain that refuses to shut his mouth up. Since he does not have any sense of shame it think we should just ignore him

    • D Oladapo

      Your unedited view on obasanjo leaves you much to be desire. No Head of state in the history of Nigeria had matched obasanjo achievement in office.
      As a president he diversified Nigeria economy to be private sector oriented. From banking, insurance, housing sectors recorded gains. Virgin/Nigeria air lines, debts relief, stabilized Democratic process, FDI, telecommunications to mention but few. Reserved about #47B, ECA#27 dollars. Before you writes about OBJ try check records pls,thank you

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