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Nigeria reveals embezzlement by past government

By Al Jazeera
11 Jun 2016   |   4:24 pm   |   2m 36s
The Nigerian government says it has recovered more than $10bn in cash and assets stolen by politicians from the previous administration. Most of the money was spent on property, vehicles, and jewellery.

  • vincentumenyiora

    YES, YOU ARE RECOVERING THE LOOTS – THE ONES YOU CAN FIND, BUT THE BIG QUESTION IS: AFTER BUHARI WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO KEEP A CAP ON THE CRIME OR IMPROPRIETIES? Your best bet now is to consider my solution handed to the government as early as 2005 to 2012 if you can get your heads over the solution – and see if you can decipher the germ! You can see solution for your Assets Declaration problem also and when you decide on what to do more, they should be made to pay taxes on all the Assets please as a an avenue for revenue generation in Nigeria! Also those with ‘Oil and Gas Block’ should be made/ compelled to invest in Nigeria and pay taxes also not donation only!

    Nigeria – Big country with culture and customs all aimed to exploit the people and return to show-off their wea;th not for creation of industries but self and group aggrandizement of unbelievable levels/ proportions!

  • austino77

    Ah ah, CNN won’t show a video of American news covered by Aljazeera from far away Emirate, haba Naija, na wao!

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