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NASS made up of corrupt people – Obasanjo

By Channels TV
26 Jul 2016   |   4:01 am   |   1m 26s

  • Ademola Oni

    Ex President Obasanjo said the bitter truth and that’s what I have been saying a long time, the Senate and House of Reps are dens of thieves and thugs. Most of NASS members are men and women who lack good morals and integrity. We need to do a better in the next elections and elect real honorable men and women into our political offices

    • Kabsy

      I do believe with OBJ, but there are some that are honest who are the minority.

    • ladybbi

      How many politicians have intergrity? Since inception of NASS how many of them ever spent their constituency votes on their community? Gone are the days when people check your source of wealth. Rather, they clap for “fake achievements”, hail them and expect some cash in return.

      • Ademola Oni

        You are so correct, however we need to change Nigeria with our votes by electing men and women with some integrity and morals

  • vincentumenyiora

    What about the Ghana-must-go bags padded with currencies for 3rd-Term all is forgotten now – Nigerians, is that act not part of the precursor for corruption in Nigeria, folks? And you had public inquiry about Energy power and Due Process contract and nobody know where or how it ended – Nigerians corruption prone country! Anew case comes up and you not only forget but abandon the earlier heinous/ diabolical cases!

  • ladybbi

    I know of many corrupt people who became rich during Obasanjo era. Our politicians only care for their personal interests. That is why they move from one party to the other. We are satisfied that FG has decided to fight corruption, though selective. A precedent has been laid and will be pursued to conclusive end. We, the masses need to be apolotical – deceive them , eat what they offer but make sure opposition wins. The result will be those corrupt ones who escaped now will be dealt with later. Do not be surprised if people like OBJ are checked and found guilty

  • Wise Head

    The father of “modern corruption” himself. By the time he came out prison, his farm had failed and we were told he had 25, 000 naira in his accounts. But today, Obasanjo is one of the richest billionaires on this side of the Atlantic, and the fawning reporters could not ask him to account for his stupendous riches today. It surely takes the father of rogues to see the rogues he trained. So, the Assemblymen are doing what he taught them. He was even the one that grossly corrupted the National Assembly with his famous Ghana-Must-God bags when he was seeking a 3rd term or to remove the leadership of NASS. Obj should hide his face in shame. This is another low point for the Nigerian media. A man stole you country blind and you are there listening to him mouthing gibberish about mere petty thieves that learnt from him. Patriotism and media work should go hand in hand. Poor souls in the Nigerian media

  • Jaja Majaja

    Madness taken too far is when corruption refers to another as Corrupt.

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