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Mile 12 Closure Update: Market leadership claims N350M daily losses

By Channels TV
11 Mar 2016   |   10:40 am   |   2m 56s

  • Anuoluwapo Oladipo

    The loss in revenue is nothing when compared to loss of lives. Even a billion dollars loss per day shouldn’t make government reopen the market. Nigerians and most especially northerners must be forced to learn that human life is of great value and must respect the right to life.
    Amosu has slept off while Kara along Lagos Ibadan expressway is all of a sudden being turned into the new mile 12.
    This is not about revenue but about ensuring that these northern elements respect the communities in which they trade and do business in, ensure the environment is properly taken care off, pay their tax to government and learn to be civil in all their ways. My fear is re-enacting the occurrence of mile 12 in Kara “Ogun axis”
    To avoid this the Federal government, state government and local government must sign a MOU and ensure that these northerners are educated on the conditions of which right to life is paramount and to ensure that all sectarian, religious or whatever nonsense issues dragging Nigerians back in civilization do not rear its ugly head.
    Life Ife indigents will say, he who owns the land is King.

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