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Jonathan meets with Buhari at the Villa

By Channels TV
04 Aug 2016   |   4:30 am   |   3m 27s

  • Mizch

    Thanks for your peaceful and bloodless disposition. You are a hero. I enjoy your smiles.

  • vincentumenyiora

    I HAVE JUST HEARD ON THE ‘NTA Good Morning’ read out a News Paper report that says; Gen. Y. Gowon accepts Nigeria can be restructured – we don’t know what Obasanjo’s idea is – he thinks he owns Nigeria now! In all of the thinking, they should study my ‘New political leadership solution’ for Nigeria! You’re using my Option A-4 an the adjuncts and it is working – ‘course it is meant to work for the kind of characters and psyche of the people!

    To help you people more; you must find way to incorporate a ‘Shadow Cabinet arrangement in the amendment exercise of your Constitution if you want to stop or cut down on corruption in the country! I listened to Ms. NATASHA AKPOTI regarding Ajaokuto Steel Industry what about your Bakassi – what they conspired to do to your people even though AU’s Charter provides for co-existence for Africans and these people have lived together in the zone for over 150 years Nigeria – TAKU! Nigeria Big country with Big leaders who do not know and do not care about the rights of their people! And Russians provides the IRAN’s Nuclear power and the Indian Company was not privy to the original proposal and they removed (carted away) part of the vital part of the Industry and sold it – we don’t know where the part is – a whole Nigeria, na wao! Reason why you need the ‘ restructuring’ so that you know what is happening to your natural resources and your people arranged by the few in Nigeria at your back – at your peril! They blindfold you to make Billions for their families! Nigerian structure arranged on grounds/ basis off “Sharecropping – Agbataekee!” country!

    My take on these visits or none is that if the nerving national issues are not discussed during such meetings I cannot see where the arm of the statesmanship falls – if these issues are not discussed then it means Nigerians are living (at the peril) for these statesmen no women yet in their group! Reason why I say this is that all over the world leaders get preoccupied about what to do about complaints from their subjects and if we are not do son in Nigeria we may yet be postponing the impending crisis about the people! Following the recent pronouncements and effusions coming from groups I’ll urge that the administration looks into my new solution for political leadership for Nigeria submitted personally on the 2nd Feb. 2015 by me to both the (SGF) and the Senate President’s offices travelling from Enugu en-route to London, and work out how the system will serve the people better like the ‘Option A-4’ is doing presently for your elections! I have not seen the content of the Confab recommendations but by intuition, my solution you’ll discover has trappings related to it just as the Option A-4 is now serving in the country and all those not privy for the evolution of the solution enjoying the perquisites engendered by the success stories of it! They say a stitch in time saves NINE – this new one will no doubt save you a lot including the intangible – improve on the psychology of the people!

    “We have been in touch to see that peace reigns in the country because those of you, who were here when I was here, followed my thoughts.

    “The emphasis is that we need a united Nigeria and I always emphasise that Nigeria is great. “It is not because of oil.
    “So many countries produce more oil than Nigeria, but nobody notices them. “We are great because of our size, the human resources that we have, the diversity we have, and so, if we balkanize the country into small components, we will all be forgotten by the world.

    “That has been my focal position.]

    [““I have been coming, but in most cases we used to meet at night. “That is why you don’t see me,’’ Jonathan explained.]
    Coming at nights indeed, which is better than OBJ’s every weeks visit with such funfair, folks! Talking about Nigeria and her human population; Yea, if the number can be well managed so that they(the people) can develop, grow or progress as their Gods (destiny) wants them to – that is the crux of the matter about Nigeria! Anything or arrangement other than how to organize this number of (composite) people and their progress remain stifled in the attempt or clamor to remain ‘One’ is despicable and needs to be reviewed or a re-think about the idea so as to incorporate DEVOLUTION of some form as they have it in the United Kingdom for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – even in the United State of America they have the arrangement!

    We want to know if the discussions they have including those with Obasanjo ever borders on the intentions of the ‘Confab recommendations’ vis-a-vis the weariness across the land about associations of the people and their security because that will tell/ show that they are really thinking about us in Nigeria! If in all the meetings including that with OBJ nothing is said about the ‘Confab Meeting and the recommendations’ boy, there will be the greater need for soul searching in Nigeria about how to deal with your problems!

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