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Governments share N281Bn in April

By Channels TV
26 May 2016   |   3:23 pm   |   2m 5s

  • Ify Onabu

    Looks like the only thing our Finance Minister does is to preside over the sharing of monthly allocation. A primary school leaver can do that job.

    • Kayode MO

      You’ve both said it all. Thanks for your intuitive remarks. What in the world are we sharing “sharing poverty”. And, we complain some people are looting us when Yoruba adage says “even a mad man knows how to tilt the soil towards his side” Do we truly have an economy? where in economics is the word “sharing” emptiness? The so called over 170 mln (sic!) people sharing less than $1 billion dollar monthly! Its really sad we even have Professors of Economics in this country. An illiterate food seller will perform better. Shame!!!

  • Rexmond

    Share, share, more sharing, absolute nothing about contribution. What a stinky, unimaginative, uncreative, unproductive, sleazy and lazy system. God, help me to not hate my own country this much.

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